Caterpillar Track Chain

Caterpillar Track Chain, also known as track shoe and track shoe assembly, is a part of chassis components of heavy crawler equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and drilling rigs.
The crawler group of excavators is manufactured by rolling, machining, heat treatment, painting, and other processes.
The quality and service life depends on the quality of the steel, the hardness of quenching and tempering, and the depth of the hardness layer.

Material   35MnB/50Mn
 Color   Yellow or Black & Customized
 Technique  Forging
 Finish  Smooth
Surface Hardness HRC52-58,depth:8mm-12mm

Main Features of our Caterpillar Track Chain

1. The track group with shoes through quench-tempering processes guarantee excellent mechanical properties, high strength, and superior wear resistance to bending and breakage.

2. The surface hardness of the track group with shoes is HRC50-60 for reduced wear and longer life, adding value to your products and furthering your business by maximizing durability.

3. The track group with shoes has a precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix accessible grousing heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising the proper functioning of the excavators reliable quality, high-cost performance, quality services. Our products are your best choice.

Application of Caterpillar Track Chain

Production Process of Caterpillar Track Chain

Roughed piece→ Heat treatment→Process→Assembly Line→Testing→Spray Painting→Packing→Loading