China Sprocket & Chain # 240B14, No. 240 - 3

EPG is famous and biggest Chains and Sprocket manufacturer and exporter in China.

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All Manufacturer of roller drive chains for power transmission applications from general industrial to operations in specialized areas such as food processing, heavy construction equipment, and oil field services. Available in double pitch drive and standard roller chains with single and multiple strand configurations. Specifications include 0.25 to 3 in. chain pitch, 0.13 to 1.88 in. distance between sidebars, and 0.09 to 0.94 in. pin diameter. Available with features such as case-hardened and armor-cased pins, pre-stressed process, corrosion and shock resistance, and stainless steel materials. Provides post-sale support services.dimensions are nominal values and for reference only


Chain Technical Data

Sprocket Diameters


Stock Bore Diameter

1.500 in

Hub Diameter1

7.500 in


3.875 in



No. Teeth


Max. Bore2

5.375 in


88.000 lb

Tooth Nominal Width

1.738 in

Hardened Teeth


Chain Technical Data


3.000 in

Chain Size


Sprocket Diameters

Outside Diameter

14.940 in

Pitch Diameter

13.482 in

Caliper Diameter

11.607 in

  • 1 Hub diameter may vary to suit bore sizes
  • 2 Dimensions shown allow for standard keyway with set screw at 90°

China Sprocket & Chain # 240B14, No. 240 - 3

China Sprocket & Chain # 240B14, No. 240 - 3

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